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Late reply session!  As late is much better than never <3

Aww, feel better soon, Tigs! I think we all need a break for a few days, actually. Did nothing over yesterday’s holiday and it was AWESOME. :)

Everyone does, yes. It’s weird for me to take days ‘off’ since I don’t work and that somehow means you also have no break-time. Nonsense when you think about it, we all need a break sometimes :)

/sometimes it would be nice to have a break from your own brain…

Ohh no, I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy *hugs*

Thanks ladies, higly appreciated. *late hugs back*

/also glad to see you both around :)

*HUG* I understand that mood-place. <3

While I wish you didn’t, I’m glad I’m not the only one! *hugs back*

/brains are weird? they really forgot to put up signs in this mood-scape… you know, for the ‘where to go from here’

*hugs* my draft folder is absolutely out of control, my sympathies

And you have mine, dear jilly. *hugs back* I’m glad I don’t have that many projects going on as they would nag insistently and that wouldn’t mean I’d actually do something for them >.<

But at least those are drafts and had thoughts already for words? I don’t know…


I also saw thoughts on books crossing my dash and I have a few Bujolds around which I still didn’t start in /bangs head on keyboard. They did come with glowing recommendations from people I trust in their recs though. Only added to my ‘really should read this soon!’ list.

/yet another list

Mostly I’m one of those ‘you read a book in a day; week max’ kind of person, but currently I’m still in a book I started in before we went to visit jilly…. not convinced whether it is the book or me :/