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Random thoughts of the day:

The only reason I can see why people want a ‘blank slate’ Shep in their fic for reading pleasure is perhaps a ‘self (Shep) insert’. While it can be an interesting writing challenge for a scene or so (for me), it’s not something I want to write for a long fic myself (if that’s even possible). Personally I prefer a more substantial character both for reading and writing.

The only time when I don’t want to read any specific Shep/Hawke/whathaveyou fic is when I’m trying to write my own. There are a few exceptions on that though. So far I refuse to read any longish Hawke/Fenris fic as I have one in my head and I don’t want to mess that one up (as it’s tricky to get both right already (for me, that is)).

I really should do replies more often and perhaps preferably chronological (but thanks for the replies on my absence note <3). Mood-wise I’m still in a sort of ‘nobody’s land’ which is annoying if I could muster the energy to be annoyed.

/I also have a set of draft posts I should really look at some time /sigh